Thursday, 9 April 2009

Margaret's 10 tips and hints for Markets

A friend recently asked me for advice with her first market. Although I have only done a few of them, I thought I would try my hand at a Top 10 list (no particular order). I just posted this list on Dust Team for others to read as well ... so any comments would be useful!

1. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and postcards to write on for people and always take down names to follow-up, if they walk away with your card chances are they will look but not purchase.
2. A clip board to collect names and emails is a good idea.
3. Have a receipt book with ABN just in case someone asks.
4. Organise for friends to come in and give you 20 minute breaks for lunch etc. It might be nice to be a martyr and work all day but you will be pooped by the end of it.
5. Develop a brag book/portfolio of the work that you have done and the direction you are going in.
6. Don't talk wholesale prices at a retail event, if a shop is interested in your stuff follow-up by going to their shop and seeing if your product fits in.
7. Never say "I didn't get time to make that", rather " I have all sold out!" sounds better!
8. Have a few sheets of gift wrap, I know it is a little thing, but that customer will return if you go the extra mile.
9. Make sure your blog is up to date so that when people follow-up on your business card they are coming across a well developed blog with content in it.
10. Have fun! Laugh, enjoy yourself!

NB. There is no mention of stock levels. Take as much as you can!
And if you want me to make you a custom money belt for your market debut, let me know!!

Other articles that I have found that have pearls of wisdom:


Nikki said...

Yep - and the other one that I can think of is have a red hot low-cost small item - at some markets you may only sell small items, but if you sell enough of them you'll at least make your stall fee - maybe more. Have a few premium products to show people how clever you are (a sale of one of these will make your day!) and have lots of in-betweenies as your bread and butter.

Oh - and Number 2 tip from me - don't take what people say PERSONALLY. People who don't make things don't realise how attached we are to our craft, and can make very rude remarks just for a "joke" with their friends, or to make themselves feel big.

Sorry Margaret... I think I just did a blog post on YOUR blog!!! :)

Cate Lawrence said...

I guess the other thing is smile and grit your teeth when people say " I should make one of these! How did you make it?!"