Friday, 10 April 2009


What is distracting me this morning? Every morning, I tend to do cups of tea and toast while Tori watches her morning programs of Playschool and I check email, blog mail, blog posts, livejournal, hotmail, twitter and facebook. I am amazed that despite being "on the net" since 1992 (yes, that is right) I am always finding interesting web sites to look at.

My first memory of the Internet was a presentation in 1992 at the CSIRO in Melbourne on the internet and it's potential(I still have a copy of it somewhere). I was doing my teaching degree in IT and History and it was something my lecturer told us about.

Shortly after I got a job at Melbourne University as a duty programmer on a Friday night in one of their labs. My job was to help people with their computer woes and part of the deal was sitting at a desk with a "powerful" computer . And so I was using fetch to look for things online, quite a laborious task. When the "browser" came in about a yearish later (with of course a colour computer), I remember looking up soccer jersey's for the world cup. I was very excited.

Look how far we have come in just a handful of years!

My current distractions are ....
  • Obamicon.Me looks interesting. I tried it with a few pictures, but they didn't work out as good as some of the others listed. I think that this site needs more tinkering with.
  • I am loving Design Nomad, so many nice things in this blog to look at and ideas to gather from. I love design blogs, they are an evil distraction.
  • Dressing Magazine is one of those magazines that I could only hope to afford one day. Lots of food for thought if you design clothes.
  • I love Selvedge as another source of inspiration. Whenever I am in Borders, I always flip through it. Again, another expensive magazine.
  • Print & Pattern blog
  • Gary Vaynerchuck's blog is very interesting. The wine video's are good, but I am more interested in his keynotes on how to raise your blog profile.
Now that I have finished my reflections ... onto the sewing!

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Liesl said...

Thank you for sharings these links ... who can ever resist the lure of some some more fabulous sites to look at!

I was reminiscing reading your post. I remember using the "very powerful" Vax mainframe at Melbourne Uni during my teaching degree (c. 1989). It was very exciting when we discovered we could "e-mail" our friends at RMIT! All very primitive baxk then :)