Thursday, 23 April 2009

Forgotten Projects

I can't quite remember when I picked up my first Crochet hook.

I have a box of hooks, books and patterns that my Grandmother gave to me and there was a stage in my life when I was churning out dollies like there was no tomorrow. Knitting was never my thing. I could do it, but I derived no satisfaction from knit one, purl one (sorry Trudi). But the crochet hook, I liked that. Simple yet effective.
Meet me at Mikes has thrown out the Crochet Granny Square challenge and despite the many projects on my "Important-must-do" list, I took the time to drag out my "Forgotten crafts tub" and have been going through it looking for a project to do ... after all, with these dark nights approaching, who doesn't want to sit on the couch with the fire going, a glass of whiskey and a crochet hook?

In my Yellow Tub, I have found a plethora of UFO's (Un Finished Objects) that I forgot I had!

Firstly there is the unfinished cross stitch samples. I decided to give cross stitch a go ... and "no" it wasn't me ... too much fiddly work. I know I can do it if I have to, but I won't go out of my way to do cross stitch. There is a reason why I bought myself an embroidery machine!

Then, there is the Battenburg lace making kit. When I was into the whole roleplaying thing I decided that Battenberg was worth a go, so I bought a kit with the view to making a collar for Andrea's Musketeer costume. I read through the instructions, decided it was too hard and bought one from a market stall ...

I also have a collection of old crochet books and magazines that came from a little old lady my Mum used to look after in Dandenong. And a collection of German crochet magazines. The German magazines have crochet patterns in diagrams rather than written out, they are so easy to follow.

I tend to be a bit of a collector, so there isn't just one forgotten crafts tub ... I did have a big clear out a few years back and I gave away some unfinished project to people who hopefully got some enjoyment out of them. Perhaps it is time to do it again? Who wants the battenburg kit? I will post it to you!

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Anonymous said...

*hands up* for the lace kit... (if it hasn't already got a home)

Aliz and I saw bobbin lace at the stitches & craft show and it looked fun, although very time consuming and fiddly. The kit looks just the thing for us to have a go, say we've done it and then decide that it's far to time consuming and fiddly. LOL

I have loads of "other crafts" in my sewing room too but I don't tend to clear them out because rather than being things I tried and didn't like, they're things I want to try, or I did try and want to do more but there's just so many things I want to do that I can't do them all at once.

Don't post lace kit... we need to catch up, so hopefully you can give it to me in person soon ;)