Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Year 7 rainbow packs rock!

Check out these pictures from my class. The kids have been putting together some Rainbow Packs as part of the "Faith in Action" unit that I teach and we are doing to be sent up to other Year 7 students who have lost everything ...

This student worked with her Mum to put this pack together.

This boy worked with his Mum and got donations from his older brother! Note the tennis ball and spinning top. What 12 year old wouldn't love these!

This student helped his Grandmother make this lovely linen bag. I love the buzzing magnets that he has included in the pack.

This bag is lovingly hand stitched by a Year 7 girl. She has also put buttons on the end of the straps that look so cute ... Smiggle seemed to be the big winner out of this experiment. Almost every pack that a girl has put together, has some smiggle stuff in it!

We are about half way though doing the packs, they should be done by the end of next week hopefully. We still have to write a letter to the kids that are getting the pack with return envelopes to send back a letter (yes a hand written letter) and I also have to do tags for them so that the kids can write who helped them (Mum, Dad, Sister or Grandparent)

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