Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Kaos Notebook

I am running out of space in my current notebook. It is blue and has an old business card stuck to the front of it ... it works well and I like the size, but I can't get another one (I have tried).

So I re-purposed a notebook that was given to me, I didn't quite like the style pastel butterfly style of it. So, introducing the Kaos Notebook!

Covered in felt appliqué and embroidered homespun with the classic Konstant Kaos symbol.

But the one thing that I am still deciding upon is ... do I do a ribbon bookmark like this one, or do I do a piece of nice elastic to keep all of my bits and pieces together?

If I stumble across some suitable quality notebooks, I might make a few with different patterns for the my Mothers Day Market stall this weekend at Thornbury Women's Centre.

What do you think? Ribbon or Elastic? Good or Bad?


JulesQuilts said...

I'd prefer a ribbon, when I have elastic I always want to write where the elastic is and it creates a bump in the page!

JulesQuilts said...

Ooopps... forgot to say I love the cover and ribbon :0)

Princess kirstie jane said...

Look great, although I love! the ribbon personally I like elastic in an attempt to hold my life together. So there ya go a vote each way so far.

Anonymous said...

Love the ribbon! But elastic is good for keeping pages still...hmmmm I think I like the ribbon...more suited to the style of the book!

Little Cooties said...

Ribbon for me too.
Good luck at the market today - I'll be going so I will see you there and introduce myself