Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Which Bag is your favourite?

My Year 7 class are putting together a class load of Rainbow Comfort Packs to go up to a bush fire affected area for students who have lost everything. About half of the class have managed to make or get made a hand made bag for the project. And being the good teacher that I am, I am running up a few on my trusty Janome to help them along. Most of the material given to me was from the costume store room, left over from productions past.

The bag design being used is the pattern for my Market Bag, except I have refined it using some of the techniques in the Zakka book to streamline the process. There is also no interfacing, fussy stitching or closures in these bags. They are a very quick make.

1. Kaos Bag

2. Army Bag

These two bags have got black chunky cord as the outside fabric and a lovely red inside.

3. Pink Gingham Sakura Bag

4. "I love Gingham" Bag

It is good for me, as it allows me to refine patterns and processes quicker than I normally would. There is also a sense of freedom in doing whatever you want to embellish the bags. I like embelishing Gingham bags, they are very girly!

5. Another Cherry Blossom Japanese Fabric styled Bag

6. Strawberry Patch Bag

Some more costume store fabric. I don't particularly like the strawberry design (on right), but enough people have said that they like it for me to use it. The petals are from the pinafore that I made for Sarah at the start of April.

7. Skull Love Bag


Lastly, this bag uses a scrap of the skull love fabric. Sewn on and frayed! Hoping that a boy likes this one. I have lots of cord and Gingham (Pink, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow) left, so I might make some larger bags and perhaps try my hand at a backpack or two.

So this is what I have done this weekend. Another load will be done after the Thornbury Market on Saturday 2nd May. I will also be making one for the teacher and put achievement stamps in there and some other nice teacher styled things).

So which bag is your favourite?


Anonymous said...

I like the Cherry blossom bag...the colours appeal! I love the red inside and the small splash of red on the outside. I like the long handle as i am a fan of slinging a bag over my shoulder (and sometimes across my chest) when i am out and about.
The Kaos bag is great...subtle advertising! lol

Beky said...

I like the army bag. It's cute and different. If you could make a version, a man wouldn't mind using, they would be good for Fathers Day.

Margaret said...

The overwhelming winner in livejournal comments, is the Kaos Bag, followed by the Cherry Blossom and then Army Bag ...