Sunday, 19 April 2009

Camberwell Market

This morning we wandered off to Camberwell Sunday Market after having breakfast in North Fitzroy. There were many treasures to be had. Andreas got himself a library of books on model trains (his current obsession) and I got some sewing goodness. Picked up a collection of french curves for when I draft patterns for $1 and some buttons for a few more dollars.
The sewing book I got was called "The Concise Sewing Book", a lovely 70's version of "how to sew" with a pattern for a Caftan in it (this was the clincher).

The thing that I love about buying old sewing books, isn't the techniques, but rather the fashion ideas. There is a section in this book that talks just about flairs on pants and how to alter straight legged patterns to make them more flairy *giggles* ... The pictures are also fabulous, with fashion of the day clearly shown. I thought of Curlypops when I saw this picture .. go handbags!

I am unlikely to make what is in this book, but the images might provide some inspiration for something for my shop. Might have to extract the finger and return to Camberwell Market on my own for some retail therapy some other Sunday.


CurlyPops said...

70s craft books are my absolute favourites. Perfect for a bit of inspiration!

Nicole said...

Nice post! I have a few old sewing books, might see if I can dig them out in case you'd like them. I can't resist picking them up when I see them.

Anonymous said...

You mean you won't make me a kaftan? But i've always wanted one! LOL Hey, there's an idea for a girlie sewing day....let's all get together and make ourselves kaftans. Then it won't matter what "Trinny + Susannah" body shape we have underneath! LOL